Letters to Change the World

Last October 1, I set a goal for myself: to write 180 letters to change the world in a year. Yesterday, I sent my last letter – a thank you to my mailman, who helped deliver the 231 letters I sent! 


I don’t know what the full impact of these letters will be and probably never will. But I do know that I received some amazing responses, including from  Lin-Manuel Miranda, Reality Winner, and President Trump, among others. And I learned about some great organizations, like More Love Letters, Letters Against Depression, The Letter Project, Love for the Elderly, A Million Thanks, Send Kids the World and Postcards to Voters. Please check out these great groups and consider writing letters for them! 

Thank you to everyone who helped me through this process, especially the people who made suggestions for letters!

I know this has been a rough week for America. But please don’t give up on your country or yourself. Together we can change things.